1999 Emily Ruete : Briefe Nach der Heimat (First German edition of the Literarischer Nachlass based on a typescript produced during the 1920's from the original manuscript)

Emily Ruete Briefe nach der heimat

Author: Emily Ruete geb. prinzessin Salme von Oman und Sansibar. With afterword by Heinz Schneppen.

Published by: Philo Berlin; Bodenheim bei Mainz 1999

Emily Ruete : Briefe Nach der Heimat  

Book Description: A scarce publication. First issue of the book in German. The book was first published in English by van Donzel and published by Brill in 1993. The book is a follow-up on her Memoirs form an Arabian princess, that described her life in Zanzibar. The current book covers the period when she moved to Germany.

Emily Ruete died in 1924. A typescript of her "Nachlass" was produced in 1929 in order to have the book published.  Unfortunately no serious publisher was found at that time. A few copies of this typescript exist, one of them is in the NINO institute in Leiden. The University Library in Leiden also has the manuscripts on which the typescript is based.  Another copy of the typescript is in the Staatsbibliothek in Berlin and has the inscription from Emily's son Rudolph that the typescript cannot be published  before 1940 without the consent of Rudolph.

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