Sultan's palaces Chuini (not absolutelysure) and Chukwani palace


This is probably Chuini palace in Zanzibar photograph taken  around 1880-1890.  Chuini means Leopard. The palace was built in 1872 by Sultan Barghash. This palace is located approx 10 km from stone-town Zanzibar. The building was modernised  and expanded by Sultan Ali bin Said.  In 1914 it was destroyed by fire.

The handwritten text on the photo says in German: Old villa of the sultan of Zanzibar (Alte Villa Sultan Sansibar)

Antique photo zanzibar


Chukwani Palace Zanzibar

Ref 2 also contains this photo and mentions as title Schusswani Luschtschloss des Sultans (Ref 3 Photo by J.Sturtz) 


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