1995 Herinnering van een Arabische prinses, First translation of the memoirs into Dutch by Tinke Davids

First edition of the memoirs in Dutch 1995

The translation is by Tinke Davids.  The Afterword of the Memoirs was originally written in German by Annegret Nippa in 1885. However anyone interested in the background to the memoirs can much better read  ref 1 "An Arabian princess between Two worlds" by van Donzel.

Anyone interested in the bibliography of the Memoirs should read ref 3 "Het leven van Salme (1844-1924) prinses van Oman en Zanzibar, en de vroege uitgaven van haar memoires" by Hielke van der Wijk


 Memoirs of an Arabian Princess in Dutch


Emily Ruete and her children left Emily's "intellectual inheritance" (the Said Ruete Library) of books, letters and manuscripts to the Oosters Instituut in Leiden Holland, this was reported by several Dutch Newspaper in 1937. Several Dutch articles appeared about Emily Ruete during her life. Some lengthy Dutch Dutch articles discussed Emily's Memoirs (see e.g. ref 2 De Gids  1897). Despite all this attention it took until 1995 for the first edition of Emily's Memoirs to appear in Dutch.


Newspaper Article memoirs of an Arabian Princess


Newspaper article Emily Ruete


Said-Ruete Library in 1937 to Oosters Instituut Leiden


Newpaper article Emily Ruete inheritance


Emily Ruete  teaches Arabic


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  2. G.J. Kolff, De gedenkschriften eener Arabische prinses, long summary with comments of Emily's Memoirs in De Gids Jaargang 61 (1897) deel 3 p 85-106. This paper has not been quoted / referenced in any of the standard works discussing the Memoirs.
  3. Hielke van der Wijk, Het leven van Salme (1844-1924) prinses van Oman en Zanzibar, en de vroege uitgaven van haar memoires.(Jaarboek van het  Nederlands genootschap van Bibliofielen (pages 183-205) 2017