Wooden comb made in Zanzibar

Wooden comb zanzibar

This handmade wooden comb measures 22 cm by by 9 cm. No modern tools were used to make this tool. However with these type of items it is difficult to determine its age. The size, shape and design is similar to a comb from Zanzibar in the collection of the Afrika museum in Berg and Dal Netherlands.




Antique wooden comb Zanzibar


Antique photo  in our collection of ladies in Zanzibar using a wooden comb

Antique wooden comb zanzibar

1890's comb of previous photo enlarged

  1. W.H. Ingrams Zanzibar its history and its people, Frank Cas London 1931. Discusses Swahili woodwork in particular wooden spoons on page 397 and a picture after page 398
  2. Afrika museum, online collection Size of comb: 23 by 8,8 cm Object Nr RV-1153-15 Date of manufacture unknown. The museum was originally established  by missionaries of the "congregation of the Holy Goast", many of them working in East Africa.