HvWO 030

Antique Omani silver Forehead hangers in the shape of hand of Fatima (for boys)

Forehead disks


Common Omani silver forehead ornament for boys. The slide-show has three examples of Hand of Fatima hangers. This type of hanger is only worn by boys up to the age of about six years old.




 Omani silver amuletOmani silver amulet

Arab names: Harf (plural huruf) / Allahqah

Period: 1850-1950

Origin: Northern Oman

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  5. British Museum has a similar item in their on-line collection number  2009,6023.137 length 4 cm weight 12 grams. Similar 2009,6023.138 Weight: 22 grammes; Length: 10 centimetres (including hook) Width: 3.2 centimetres; Silver horse-shoe shaped forehead-ornament (harf or 'allaqah) for a young boy. The main ornament hangs from a silver ring and three chains. It consists of a reversed shield or horse-shoe shaped plaque which is decorated around the edges with silver dots and one raised round boss in the centre