HvWO 128

Antique Omani silver Khanjar 19th century

Omani Khanjar

Very rare complete antique Omani khanjar with seven small rings.  Very Rare type with silver scabbard with classic driven flower design (perpetual movement) Similar to silver decoration on some high quality Martini Henri's.

Same design also on the back of a pair of very old Nizwa anklets (antal)  we have. 

The handle is made of very fine translucent rhino plus very fine silver ornaments and filigree.  Rare top quality antique item. 


Antique Omani khanjar

Antiuqe Omani khanjar

Antiuqe Omani khanjar

Antique Omani khanjar

Arab name: Khanjar

Period: 1850-1900 Omani silver khanjar; Omani Khanjar

Origin: Oman

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Very old  Chinese object made of translucent Rhino horn (this Chinese object is NOT part of the collection described)