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Antique Omani glazed pottery

Antique Omani glazed pottery


Heavy (asymmetric) hand-shaped jar with 4 ears and yellow-brown glazing and dark-brown geometrical designs in the glazing.  No glazing inside.

Yellow brown clay.  Flat smooth base. Height 18,5 cm. 



 Omani antique pottery

 Antique Omani Glazed Pottery 
Antique Omani pottery

Name: "Antique Omani glazed pottery"

Period: 1600-1800

Origin: Oman. Purchased in the Nizwa souq early 1980´s


  1. No reference exists of Omani pottery of the last 4 centuries
  2.  Sarah Posey Yemeni pottery British Museum (focus on "modern"pottery). 
  3. We have seen some pots from china 15th century they resemble the Omani pots even more closely, see slide-show for example We found sherds of similar pots in an old deserted ruined village in the hills next to the Batinah.
  4. "Islamic Art in Oman" chapter 9 Islamic Pottery in Oman by Seth Priestman (describes pottery of much earlier periods)