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Antique Omani Baluchi silver Khanjar

Omani Baluchi silver Khanjar


Very Rare antique Omani Baluchi  silver Khanjar.  However piece of silver missing on the back.  Genuine antique blade. Seller demonstrated the strength of the blade by cutting (to my horror) through a brass gun-cartridge!

Elgood (Ref 1) describes it as Persian Silver Khanjar, but the designs are Omani / Baluchi. Our website has several pieces of silver jewellery from Oman with identical decoration.  Beautiful and very rare in this quality. 

Antique Omani khanjar

Antique Omani khanjar

Antique baluchi khanjar

 Omani silver khanjar  Antique Baluchi silver khanjar

Arab names: Antique Omani Baluchi silver Khanjar; Omani Khanjar

Period: 1800-1900

Origin:  Purchased in Muscat 30 years ago

  1. Robert Elgood. The Arms and Armour of Arabia  page p 88 fig 9.38 (photo second khanjar from left)