Eleven examples of antique Omani silver rings for the First Finger (next to the thumb)

Antique Omani silver Shadid ring

Common ring. The "al shadad" is the term for the forefinger in Arabic and is so called  because a Muslim points this finger alone when uttering the shahadah the Islamic doctrinal formula. Some of the rings have chased decoration with gold-wash or with  granulation. The eleven Shadid  rings shown in the slide-show have two basic shapes:

a) Circle surmounted  by a lozenge-shape

b) Teardrop design

These rings are often finely engraved with flowers and or leaf designs.

Antique Omani  Silver ringOmani antique silver ring

Antique Omani ringAntique Omani silver ring s

Omani antique silver ring Antique Omani silver ring 

Omani antique silver ringOmani antique silver ring

 Antique Omani rings


Al Hazm Fort Decoration

Ancient decoration Oman Al Hazm Fort, inside the cannon tower

Arab names: Shadid / Shahid / Shawahid  ( meaning Witness )

Period: 1900-1970

Origin: Worn throughout Oman,but most common in Northern Oman and Dhofar.

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