Ring Secondfinger

Twelve examples of antique Omani silver rings for the Second finger (middle finger)

Antique Omani Dayir silver ring

Common rings. According to CarterĀ“s (Tribes of Oman) definition there are two types for the second finger:  Hexagonal and Round.  In "Oman Adorned" the hexagonal rings belong to the third finger (next to the little finger) In "Oman Adorned"  diamond shaped rings belong to the middle finger, while Carter lumps them under "finger three" (next to the little finger) A diamond shaped ring is defined as  a square ring that has been turned a quarter (angle 45 degree) Following the definition of Oman Adorned we have twelve examples of rings for the second finger in our Slide-show. 

Antique Omani Ring Omani antique silver ring

Omani antique silver ringOmani antique silver ring
Antique Omani silver ringantique Omani silver ring
Antique Omani silver ringantique Omani silver ring
 Antique Omani Rings for the second finger

Arab names: Dayir (round)   /  Heysa (mostly diamond shaped) / Haisa

Period: 1900-1970

Origin: Typically worn by women of central and Northern Oman

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