Eleven antique Omani silver "Thumb rings"

Antique Omani silver Thumb-ring called Jabriyah


Common thumb-ring which is called the Jabirah / Jabriya. It is a wide band of silver with a silver line  superimposed from top to bottom.  In the slide-show you find a number of different thumb-rings in our collection.  Often with fine silver inlays and detailed designs! The enlarged photos confirm the high quality Omani silversmith work.


Omani antique silver ring

Omani antique silver ring Omani antique silver ring

Omani antique silver ringOmani antique silver ring

Antique Omani silver ringAntique Omani silver ring

antique Omani silver ringAntique Omani silver ring

Arab names: Gabira (used in Oman Adorned) / Jabriyah / Jabirah / Jabiyrah (according to Carter this is the name given in towns)


Origin: Worn by women throughout Oman.

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  • Wereld Museum Rotterdam has some similar Omani rings. Ex collection Smith / Hutschenruyter. e.g. Inventory 77205