Eight antique Omani silver rings for the Fourth Finger (little finger), also worn by men

Shadabiyyah Pyramid shaped silver Omani ring fourth finger

Common rings. The Shadabiyyah rings often have granulated  decoration.  The silver finger rings (Khatim) with inset Lapis, turquoise and coral are worn by women and men(!) in Northern Oman. The slide-show contains 8 examples of rings for the little finger. The often contain fine inlays of silver-work. In the interior , women also sometimes wore, rings with small colored beads which were often attached to the ring by a silver pin through the center.

Omani antique silver ringOmani antique silver ringAntique Omani Ring Omani antique silver ringOmani antique silver ringOmani antique silver ring

Antique Omani silver ringAntique Omani silver ring
 Antique Omani Rings for the little finger.

Arab name: Shadabiyyah (pyramid) / Khatim (with stone inset)

Period: 1900-197

Origin: Oman Worn by women of central and northern Oman on the fourth finger of the right and left hand. The rings with the colored beads are from the interior.

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